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Google $75 Million Grant for Nigerian Businesses - Apply now

Sep 30, 2023

Google $75 Million Grant for Nigerian Businesses - Apply now

Google’s ₦75 Million Hustle Academy Fund for Nigerian Small Businesses

Google has come up with a fantastic way to help small businesses in Nigeria. They have introduced the Hustle Academy SMB Fund. It’s a big step, with a whopping ₦75 million, to boost these businesses.

Nigeria has lots of small and medium-sized businesses. These businesses are the heart of Nigeria’s money-making world. But, many times, they don’t have enough money to grow.

The World Bank says that small businesses in Africa need about $330 billion. But, getting a bank loan in Africa is hard. Only 25% of small businesses in Africa can get a bank loan, compared to 50% in places with more money.

Amazing! Over 4,000 small businesses in Nigeria got better with this program. And 74% of them saw their business grow in just one year.

Now, with this new Hustle Academy Fund, Google will pick 15 super-ready businesses. They will get a piece of the ₦75 million, without giving any share of their business to Google.


If you’re a Nigerian business wanting some of this fund, here’s what you need:

     • Be Nigerian: Your business should be Nigerian from the start.

     • Be Young but Not Too New: Your business should be between 1-5 years old.

     • Have a Plan: You need a clear plan that can grow big.

     • Love Digital: If your business is digital or wants to be, that’s a plus.

     • Bonus Point: If you were a part of Hustle Academy before, it might help.