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NPC 2023:- National Population Commission News With Mr Ahmed Dangiwa

Sep 17, 2023

NPC 2023:- National Population Commission News With Mr Ahmed Dangiwa:National Population Commission News: According to Mr. Ahmed Dangiwa, Minister of Housing and Urban Development, the ministry is working with the National Population Commission (NPC) to get reliable information on the true scale of Nigeria’s housing shortfall.


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Dangiwa revealed this at a meeting with the NPC delegation, which was led by Hon. Nasir Kwarra, on Monday in Abuja.

In his remarks, he stated that the meeting’s goal was to address one of Nigeria’s most important data challenges, which was precisely estimating the size of the nation’s housing shortfall.

“Regarding this issue, our nation has long suffered with erratic and incorrect statistics.

“I feel it is crucial to shift this narrative in order to make our understanding of the housing scarcity and the situation of housing in Nigeria evident and convincing and take coordinated action.

Dangiwa stated, “We must try to establish precise, credible, verifiable, and scientifically sound statistics on the housing shortage and living conditions of dwellings that Nigerians live in nationally.

The minister went on to say that Nigeria couldn’t develop practical solutions to the housing problem unless it had a solid knowledge of the housing deficit.

He went on to say that the ministry’s cooperation with NPC was an important step and that the upcoming national census would be a perfect opportunity to collect exact data on citizens’ housing needs.

Dangiwa emphasized that the housing shortage concerned not just the quantity of buildings but also the standard of living.