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How to Apply for Ekiti State Teachers Recruitment 2024/2025

Jan 8, 2024

How to Apply for Ekiti State Teachers Recruitment 2024/2025

Are you an Ekiti State resident seeking employment opportunities in teaching or non-teaching roles? The Ekiti State Teachers Recruitment Portal for 2024/2025 is now open for online applications.

In the Ekiti State Teachers Recruitment both academic and non-academic staff can apply for teaching and non-teaching positions within the education sector of Ekiti State, Nigeria.

The recruitment is conducted via an online portal, and interested candidates are required to submit their applications following specified guidelines.

The recruitment process typically includes stages such as application submission, screening, and a Computer-Based Test (CBT) for shortlisted candidates. The goal is to select competent individuals who meet the necessary qualifications to contribute to the educational development of Ekiti State.

How to Apply for Ekiti State Teachers Recruitment

Here are steps to follow:

1. Visit the official Ekiti State Teachers recruitment portal at and complete the application form free of charge.

2. Choose between Teaching and Non-Teaching Jobs.

3. Fill in your details, including full name, permanent addresses, local government of origin, email/telephone address, date of birth, state of origin, nationality, marital status, academic qualifications, institutions attended, and course of study.

4. Submit the application form and print out the confirmation slip.

Only shortlisted candidates will proceed to the next phase of the recruitment exercise, which includes a screening process. Shortlisted candidates will be informed of the date and time for the Ekiti State Teachers Computer-Based Test (CBT) via email.